Our mission is to create an environment where our children can encounter the heart of the Father, be encouraged, built up, and released to live supernatural lifestyles... and of course have lot’s of fun, fun, fun!

Children are our future and you and I get to participate in shaping it! As we sow life, love, wisdom, and truth into the foundation of their precious lives, we want to maintain a safe place where they can learn, express their gifting, and grow in the love and knowledge of God. May the Lord give you the grace to see the heart of each child through the eyes of the Father and the wisdom to communicate their identity with clarity. 

Know that you are shaping history and the lives into which you sow is no small investment! As we do this with great passion, tenderness, joy, patience, and endurance, especially in the face of challenges, the Holy Spirit is the one who will guide and instruct! Everything we get to do for these little children we are doing as unto the Lord. May we do it with a full heart! May we love fully, give fully, and love fully as our Father does!



As children’s ministry leaders, there is no greater gift we can give than to provide an opportunity for our children to experience a true relationship with their Heavenly Father. Within this curriculum (Kids Carrying the Kingdom), children will discover they have an open invitation to enter their Father’s presence and receive all that Heaven has for them. From these truths a young generation will be released into their destinies, and demonstrate Heaven on Earth.


Soaking Time: “Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10

Following the lesson is what we call “Soaking Time”. This is a special exercise where children learn how to personally invite God’s presence. Setting the atmosphere for intimacy involves dimming the lights, and play either live or recorded soft instrumental worship music. We then ask the children to focus, close their eyes, and ask their Heavenly Father to come. We then interview the children to find out what they heard and saw while soaking. Amazing things happen because God is so faithful to reveal Himself to His children! We believe that this time of “soaking” and encountering God’s love is what truly transforms hearts and minds. It’s an opportunity for a true love relationship to take place. You will be blessed at what your children receive as they get to know God.

Father God. What a wonderful joy it is to bring your children into your presence, so they may know and experience your love for them. Release your anointing to those who impart the truth of your love, so they may see a generation transformed by your loving presence, Amen.