Bethesda began with just a few people in a living room gathered with the purpose of “camping” around the presence of the Lord to allow time for Holy Spirit to do whatever He wants to do and set a place where people can join together and pour out their hearts of Love for Him. It was and is our purpose to touch/glorify the heart of God through many expressions of worship, prayer and praise such as music, painting, dancing, (creative arts) and the many physical manifestations of our hearts of praise/worship, such as: raising our hands (Hebrew word Yadah Psalm 63:1, 107:15), Shouting (Hebrew word Shabach Psalm 47:10, 145:4), Kneeling (Hebrew word Barak Psalm 95:6, 34:1), Playing our instruments (Hebrew Zamar Psalm 21:13, 57:8-9), Singing (Hebrew word Tehillah Psalm 23:3, 33:1) and through crazy celebration, dancing, raving etc. (Hebrew word Halal Psalm 113:1-3, 150:1, 149:3). We try to set an atmosphere through our musical expression where people can be free to worship in the way that they want without judgement or condemnation.



We have seen in our services people dancing, shouting, laughing, quietness, crying, clapping, bowing, kneeling, sitting down, painting, and other expressions during one service which is celebrated at Bethesda as freedom! Freedom to express your heart to God without judgement or comparison of the others in the same service. We believe that “The Lord is Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom” (2Cor 3:17) and that we can invite people into a place where they can be free to express their hearts for God in the way they want AND leave enough time/space for God to also express His heart for them.

“The Lord is Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom”
— (2Cor 3:17)


On a typical Friday night or Sunday morning we’ll have an hour plus set aside for just giving to and receiving from Abba Father, Holy Spirit and Jesus during our “worship time”. We believe that worship is communication (although in many forms) and communication takes time, so we don’t rush it.

On a typical service there will be times of celebration, intimacy or quietness as well as sometimes just sitting or laying and “soaking” in His presence as we listen to and receive from Him. You will not experience a concert or a performance, as the worship ministry team is dedicated to seeing people connect with the Lord and not just the music, songs etc. We don’t focus on what people are experiencing, rather focus our hearts and attention on the One who is worthy of our praise, worship and adoration.